From Scientist to Major League Baseball Player

Always nice to see pro-athletes with scientific backgrounds.  ASBMB features a spotlight article on Craig Breslow– currently playing for the Red Sox (helping take the team to their 2013 World Series Championship), he once pursued molecular biophysics and biochemistry at Yale.

The lessons Breslow learned in the lab actually have carried over to his game. “Scientists have a particular way of thinking and approach to problem solving,” explains Breslow. With pitching problems, for instance, “I attempt to use data to discern whether or not there is an underlying cause to my struggles or if the sample size is simply not great enough for trends to play out.” It’s something most major league players would be unlikely to admit.

Science is never too far from Breslow’s mind thanks to his role running the Strike 3 Foundation, which he founded in 2008 to “raise funding and awareness for pediatric cancer research and treatment.” The charity has distributed more than $1 million in research grants to scientific labs since its inception and is currently supporting work at University of California-San Francisco, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital.

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