My Ice Bucket Challenge for basic science research! #science #StephanieGupton @NIH

This is my ice bucket. I use my ice bucket to do genetics. Mostly I keep DNA cold while prepping it, modifying it, and analyzing it. I then use this DNA to manipulate neurons in the genetic model organism C. elegans. This allows me to study the development of different types of neurons and also examine neuronal aging. The Ice Bucket Challenge for basic research was started by Dr. Stephanie Gupton to raise awareness about the huge cuts in government funding for science research over the last decade. These cuts will have huge consequences for science, innovation, technology, and medicine for decades to come.


Everyone, scientist or not, can be a good citizen and let their representatives in Congress know how important basic, foundational research funding is to scientist and non-scientist alike. Make a phone call to your senators and representative. Write them a letter. Here’s a link to get you started:

So can this one.

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