Want to be a scientist? Here is what to expect from a scientific career. #science


The Globe and Mail has a nice piece that will answer all your questions about being a scientist, including your possible salary at the various stages of a scientific career. In addition, the article summarizes required education, job prospects, challenges, motivation, and misconceptions.

“There is no single description, but what is unifying is that a scientist is somebody who uses systematic methods and tries to advance knowledge,” says Dr. Salim Yusuf

On job prospects: 

There are entry-level jobs for new scientists, “but people shouldn’t mislead themselves into thinking this is an easy career,” Dr. Yusuf says. “Moving up is a challenge.”

On misconceptions of scientists:

Scientist aren’t the stereotypical dishevelled, socially awkward introverts hiding away in labs, surrounded by test tubes, Dr. Yusuf says. “The nutty professor image” is mostly in the movies, he says. “Most scientists are well-organized professionals that run teams.”

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