Update on #Ebola serum treatment: limited supply and too experimental #Fauci

After my post yesterday about the experimental serum treatment for Ebola Virus, there are 2 articles that answer some of the questions around this treatment and its use. In the post yesterday, I presumed that the supply of the untested antibody serum zMAPP is probably very limited. Today, reports confirmed that the CDC has stated that zMAPP supply is very limited:


“The manufacturer reports that there is a very limited supply, so it cannot be purchased and is not available for general use,” the agency said in a recently posted“Questions and Answers” page on the experimental treatment.

Another report out today includes statements from Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the NIH, on the experimental Ebola treatments:


Drugs under development will not be a big part of the solution… They are too early in development for enough doses to be manufactured, even if they are shown to be safe. The real area of focus, he said, should be setting up medical infrastructure in the affected countries to provide sick people with basic medical support such as replacement fluids and blood. That will have a much bigger effect on health than a few batches of experimental medications, he said.

This confirms that zMAPP and other experimental treatments for Ebola are in too short supply to be used to treat this outbreak, and that these are all too early in development to be ethically used.

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