Hooked on science? Discover Magazine shares readers’ scientific stories #science

readers response

When did you get hooked on science? The answer for a number of Discover magazine readers are summarized by Carl Engelking. The snippets and stories are great.

It’s likely that there came a point when science placed you under its spell as well (after all, you are reading Discover right now). So we asked readers to share the moment that they became hooked on science, and their answers are proof that inspiration can occur anywhere.

My favorite response from the article.

“In 1976, my kindergarten teacher was troubled by my assertion that my best friend, Harvey, was 70 years old… Harvey Carr was my next door neighbor. I spent more hours at his house than I did in school. He helped me build a solar eclipse viewer, got me a membership in the Earth Sciences Club of Illinois, and gifted me a subscription to National Geographic. In short, he inspired my love of science.” — Matt Darst

In the end, many of the stories hint that children, and humans, are curious and scientific by nature. I guess Neil deGrasse Tyson was right (previous post). My response below:

My scientific curiosity definitely involved my mom taking me and my siblings on nature walks, getting us interested in the natural world and animals. I have very fond memories of a park outside Rochester, NY, where visitors can feed chickadees out of their hands. We occasionally still go back to feed the birds around the holidays.

Check out the article, leave your response in the comments with other viewers, or leave them here at CauseScience!

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