New dinosaur, Mercuriceratops, had some sick headgear! #frill


A new dinosaur has been discovered and reported in the journal Naturwissenschaften (The Science of Nature, also the coolest journal name EVER). the new dino is part of the chasmosaurine family and has been given the name, Mercuriceratops. For reference, think about the well-known triceratops, but with a lot more frill. Literally, this new dino has a neck guard and head-gear like no other. The neck protrusion is large and wing-like, which is why the dinosaur was named after the ‘winged’ roman god Mercury (MERCURI-ceratops). Pretty awesome all around! News reporting and illustrations at the Daily Digest news. And the science abstract with lots of jargon that I could not understand here.

“The butterfly-shaped frill, or neck shield, of Mercuriceratops is unlike anything we have seen before,” said co-author Dr. David Evans, curator of vertebrate palaeontology at the Royal Ontario Museum. “Mercuriceratops shows that evolution gave rise to much greater variation in horned dinosaur headgear than we had previously suspected.”

Mercuriceratops is believed to have been around 20 feet long and would have weighed about two tons. It lived about 77 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous Period. Sporting a parrot-like beak and horn protrusions above its eyes, it would have been an herbivorous dinosaur.


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