What is the perfect beach body? Not so much how to get it


Dean Burnett has written a very entertaining and somewhat scientific piece for the Guardian defining the ‘perfect beach body’. Turns out that getting the perfect beach body is probably impossible, and that’s because our definition of ‘perfect beach body’ is a joke. Despite the misleading title, ‘How to get the perfect beach body (with science),’ it is a very cute article. Thanks for a good laugh and great perspective Dean, but next time please leave the gender stereotypes out; “For many people (but particularly women) there is increasing pressure to achieve a body type that is acceptable for displaying on the beach.”

So, should your body have all the qualities listed above, congratulations! You’ve got the perfect beach body. Anything else is just personal preference. And if you, through no fault of your own, don’t have a body that conforms to the above description, then again don’t worry. As you should have spotted by now, the very concept of a “perfect beach body” is a meaningless one.

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