No, that is not a typo for comic-con.  ComSciCon is a communicating science conference/workshop put on BY grad students FOR grad students interested in effectively communicating science for the public.

That’s right, there is a conference for how us scientists can become better communicators with the public.  I’ve been attending the fascinating, inspirational, and enlightening talks and sessions for the past few days… and will be posting deeper thoughts shortly!

But first, just a few cool things.  The sessions were intermixed with “pop talks” where each attendee gave a 1 minute spiel about their research.  This is an interactive experience, in that the audience could  immediately comment whether points in the talk were “awesome” or “jargon”

photo 1

Panels and sessions consisted of how to communicate to non-scientists, how to communicate for a cause, how to communicate using multimedia (featuring Soren Wheeler, producer of RadioLab, and Donna Nelson, science advisor for Breaking Bad), among other sessions.

photo 2

The workshop culminated in the first ever American Sci-dol competition, where attendee contestants competed at the MIT museum by giving their 1 minute Pop talks, and the audience voted on their favorite!  Here are the top 3 finalists #selfcall

photo 4

An amazing experience, and excited for this group of scientists (myself included) to make good of all we have learned!


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