Real world ‘Iron Man’ project to debut at World Cup #controversy #jealous


“In 2009, after we learned Brazil was hosting the World Cup, they asked me for ideas to show Brazil in a different way than the world usually sees it. That’s when I suggested doing a scientific demonstration to teach people that Brazil is investing and has human potential to do things beyond football,” he (Miguel Nicolelis) said.

Rosa Sulleiro writes an article for describing how a Brazilian doctor will debut a exoskeleton suit reminiscent of ‘Iron Man’ for a paraplegic patient at the World Cup. What other articles about this ‘Iron Man’ suit have left out is the lame scientific controversy surrounding Miguel Nicolelis and the development of the exoskeleton.

Some scientists have criticized Nicolelis for ditching academic publications in favor of mass media—he posts research updates on Facebook—and the anonymity of the lab for the lights of the World Cup stage.

I have to disagree with the scientific critics here, and actually slam them. This is a terrific opportunity to showcase cool science. The more exposure of this type science can get, in my opinion, the better. Don’t be jealous. And, who can blame someone for leaving the anonymity of the lab for the lights of the world cup stage? really? thats why we all aspire to publish in Science and Nature,… right… right? To get our names and our science out there with a little mainstream recognition.

video demonstration of exoskeletal suit on Facebook.


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