Chobani ad campaign fail: scientists doing it for themselves! #sciencematters


Yesterday, Greek yogurt titan Chobani decidedly lost the “war on science” that it accidentally started with a real-life hashtag campaign gone wrong.

It all started with the phrase, “Nature got us to 100 calories, not scientists. #howmatters,” which was stamped inside the foil sealing on the company’s 100-calorie yogurt containers… The campaign stresses Chobani’s natural ingredients over its competitors’ presumably non-natural ones. The offending sentence probably seemed like a playful way to address consumer’s GMO-centered fears.

But Chobani must have forgotten that many actual scientists — including food scientists – also eat yogurt, and aren’t going to stand for smears against their profession. Naturally, they took over the #howmatters hashtag to complain.

As a yogurt eating scientist, I completely missed this campaign and controversy. I am 100% Fage (more Greek). But Danielle Wiener-Bronner at the Wire picked it up and has summarized both the campaign and twitter responses!


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