BRAIN initiative off and running!!… for 4.5 Billion dollars


President Obama’s BRAIN initiative (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) is designed to revolutionize the field of Neuroscience by developing tools to functionally map and structurally define the human brain. Today an NIH working group (made up of science powerhouses and nobel laureate) submitted an appraisal of required funding at…. 4.5 Billion dollars over a decade. Cori Bargmann, who led the working group stated that it amounted to, “about one six-pack of beer for each American over the entire 12 years of the program.” I do appreciate the idea of representing funding amounts in units of six-packs… way to go! The funding will be split between NIH, NSF, FDA, and DARPA. In my humble neuroscientist opinion, the BRAIN initiative is an example of funding innovation in a field that will truly benefit from it, and which in turn will benefit all of society! Summary article from here. NIH summary here.

“How the brain works and gives rise to our mental and intellectual lives will be the most exciting and challenging area of science in the 21st century,” said Dr. Collins. “As a result of this concerted effort, new technologies will be invented, new industries spawned, and new treatments and even cures discovered for devastating disorders and diseases of the brain and nervous system.”

Update: The report presentation is here.

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