Another day, another over-stated vaccine hater


I saw this ‘News’ article posted on Facebook. In a recent court case a woman convicted of ‘shaken baby syndrome’ killing, was let off due to the weak science for diagnosis of SBS, or abusive head trauma. While the article correctly identifies that the triad of symptoms for SBS are vague and can be caused by many other conditions, the title and much of their analysis focuses on the possibility that these symptoms can be cause by vaccines. I mean, look at the title… really? they are implying that many cases (often) of SBS are vaccine related… come on. We know the statistics of adverse vaccine reactions, and extreme reactions that would mimic SBS are rare. The article does include a quote stating other conditions that mimic SBS, which does not include vaccinations. Then the article goes on to modify this quote to focus on vaccines, and links to another anti-vaccine article on the same site… right, that’s reliable (note sarcasm).

“This is troubling for several reasons, not the least of which is that the science behind the triad is coming into question. Many doctors now acknowledge that the same symptoms that once were used to definitively conclude that SBS had taken place could actually be caused by other conditions, such as infections or bleeding disorders. There have also been findings that dispute that the assumption the shaking need necessarily be violent and intentional for these symptoms to take place.
And some experts believe that adverse reactions to vaccines, which can cause symptoms similar to SBS, are actually responsible for the deaths of some babies.”



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