Mosquitos, Malaria, and Murder… Oh My!

I hate bugs/insects/creepy crawlies just as much as the next person (OK, probably more…) but I never realized that mosquitos were not only obnoxious summer-day-fun-ruiners, but also the most lethal animal in the world.  Here’s the infographic:


First of all, don’t even get me started on how humans are so high up on the list…SAD.

Anyway, clearly Mosquitos are lethal murderers and the most dangerous animals in the world.  They are one of the most populated animals, and they are apparently found nearly everywhere in the world (except Antarctica).  Most of the deaths are attributable to the diseases carried by mosquitos, like malaria.

I bring this up, because last month there was a lot of buzz (haha) in the news about mosquitos thanks to the one and only Bill Gates and his “Mosquito Week”.  From trips to southeast Asia, Gates has grown passionate about trying to fight mosquitos and mosquito-born diseases.  Check out his TED talk.

The good news is when you have a philanthropist like Bill Gates support a cause like this, it stimulates scientific research, drives progress, and improves human health.   I’m eager to see the long-term effects of his philanthropy, and I don’t doubt that eventually malaria, and other mosquito-born diseases will be eradicated thanks to the efforts of Bill Gates.  When you invest in science, everyone wins!

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