Kissing for science

From NPR, apparently when we kiss, we can transfer ab 80 million bacteria to our partner!!!  This is based on a new study out in the journal Microbiome, but why does this matter?

Kort and colleagues believe this vigorous osculation could be a way to change your microbiome. “There’s a number of studies that show that it’s healthy to have a high diversity of microorganisms in your mouth,” says Kort.¬†

Not to mention, kissing could potentially help donate beneficial microbes by an “oral microbiome transplant”.

Maybe we could transplant the mouth bacteria of a person who doesn’t get cavities to one who often does, says Andrea Azcarate-Peril, a microbiologist at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine who did not work on the study. There may even be evolutionary reasons for the swap, she says, like, “when a mom of a newborn kisses a baby, it may actually be sampling the microbiota.”