CauseScience does some #Interstellar fact checking


Just saw Interstellar last night (yea, I know, a bit behind the times…), and while I can’t debunk or validate the science as accurately as Neil deGrasse Tyson or Bill Nye (as shown in previous posts), I have a few fact-checking comments of my own. Am I wrong? Do you have additional facts that need to be checked? Feel free to comment!

1. Matthew McConaughey refers to distances in both meters AND feet throughout the space travel.  The systems of measurement have gotten standardized (pick one, and stick to it), and the last time they got mixed up was devastating (and costly) for NASA. Pretty sure they learned from their mistake by now…

2. The astronauts are traveling distances that are lightyears away from our galaxy… yet they can receive video messages immediately- or at least, in a quick time span? How fast are those video messages traveling, faster than the speed of light? Because that is NOT possible. Unless the space ship isn’t moving, those videos should not be able to catch up to the ship.

3. Earth is in the middle of a food shortage crisis, so many of the people must resort to growing crops, especially corn, to sustain the planet.  Yet Matthew McConaughey and John Lithgow are always drinking beer on the porch. WHERE is this beer coming from? It seems wasteful for a starving earth to expend energy and farming resources on growing grains to make beer.

Video: Bill Nye discusses the science and problems with ‘Interstellar’

From Business Insider

Bill Nye’s Problem With ‘Interstellar’ – Despite having not actually seen Christopher Nolan’s space epic “Interstellar” at the time of this interview, Bill Nye – author of “Undeniable” – knew enough about the plot and script to give his own opinions on the legitimacy of the science behind it.

Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks out loud about the film ‘Interstellar’ on twitter! @neiltyson

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