Amazing footage of glacier snapping off and falling into the ocean #ClimateChange

Photographer James Balong and his crew were in Greenland catching footage for a time-lapse around the Arctic Circle when they caught this amazing footage of a huge chunk of glacier (the size of lower Manhattan) snapping off and falling into the ocean. The film is amazing, alarming, and sad. Climate Change is real, y’all.

If you were moved even a fraction as much as those glaciers moved, you can sign this petition to demand that we protect the Arctic Circle now before it gets worse.

Iceland Bardarbunga volcano eruption under glacier prompts highest alert level #red

BBC reports that there has likely been a volcanic eruption¬†under the country’s biggest glacier nearby the recently active Bardarbunga, which has moved the alert level to red, the highest level. It is possible that this eruption, and resulting ice melt will trigger other eruptions. See the previous CauseScience posts on recent activity of the Bardarbunga volcano.

Iceland has issued a red alert to aviation after indications that a volcano has erupted under the country’s biggest glacier, the Vattnajokull.

The Icelandic Met Office warned that a small eruption had begun under the Dyngjujokull ice cap.

Seismic activity is continuing at the Bardarbunga volcano, about 30km away.