NASA Video: All About that Space! – Parody!

All About That Space

“All About That Space” is a volunteer outreach video project created by the Pathways Interns of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. It was created as a parody (to raise interest and excitement for Orion’s first flight) of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”. The lyrics and scenes in the video have been re-imagined in order to inform the public about the amazing work going on at NASA and the Johnson Space Center.

NASA’s Orion spacecraft is built to take humans farther than they’ve ever gone before. Orion will serve as the exploration vehicle that will carry the crew to space, provide emergency abort capability, sustain the crew during the space travel, and provide safe re-entry from deep space return velocities.

Al Roker is attempting to break the record for the longest weather report – raise money for #USO #Rokerthon


Al Roker is attempting to give a 34 hour live weather report to break the current record, held by a Norwegian meteorologist. The Rokerthon is going on RIGHT NOW, and is hoping to raise money for the USO! More background and info in video from last night’s Rachel Maddow show!

Currently in hour 11!!

Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks out loud about the film ‘Interstellar’ on twitter! @neiltyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson has made a number of comments about the film “Interstellar”… and made comments about his comments. Check out his twitter feed for all the fun fact-checking, science, comments, and random thoughts! @neiltyson! Summary article from Time here.

Awesome song and video will blind you with science! Buy the song to support women in science!

Buy this great cover of ‘She blinded me with science‘ and support ScienceGrrl!! I love everything about this!! A terrific cover of a song we all love, a fun video featuring women scientists, support for women in science, mashup of pop-culture and science…. What’s not to love?

ScienceGrrl is a grassroots network supporting women in science and engineering. Your donations will help us inspire the next generation and build our community. Thank you!

She Blinded Me With Science

Featuring The Violet Transmissions, Orphan Black and ScienceGrrl and supported by Thomas Dolby, ‘She Blinded Me With Science’ is a music video in support of Women in Science!…

Buy the track ( to help support Women in Science! – ALL PROCEEDS GO TO SCIENCEGRRL! (

Visit to watch the full interviews of featured ScienceGrrls Roma Agrawal, Ceri Brenner, Suzi Gage, Suze Kundu and Lia Ying Li!

Film produced by Ben Roper Films (

Must see: 2014 Society for Neuroscience Brain Awareness Video Contest Winners! #science

Seen on!

First Place: Leigha Phillips, affiliated with Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University, with Helen Tang and Lily Benedict


Second Place: Alison Caldwell, graduate student at University of California: San Diego, and Micah Caldwell 


Third Place: Vania Cao, application scientist


Best Song: Michael Stendardi, student at the City University of New York


People’s Choice: Visit this site from September 9-30 to vote for your favorite video!

If science isn’t fun, you’re not doing it right #kick-arse


In a short piece for Science this week, Cathy Walker reminds scientists that being able to do science for a job should be fun, cool, and ‘kick-arse.’ Just because that’s what science is! While science can be hard and frustrating, at the same time it should be exciting. If it isn’t, try to do or think about something in a new way. That’s science!

It’s true: Being a scientist really is “kick-arse.” If you ever forget that, go spend time with friends whose jobs don’t allow them to make things and play with cool toys. They surely will remind you.