Postdocs are stressed out and at risk for mental health problems #NationalPostdocAppreciationWeek

[tweet] A ScienceCareers article from July that seems very appropriate to post to CauseScience on National Postdoc Appreciation Week. Increasing attention is being paid to mental health problems among undergrads and, to a lesser extent, graduate students, but the prevalence … Continue reading

Postdocs not feeling the love? Consider a lab at MIT’s Whitehead Institute

  John Bohannon announces for ScienceCareers that not only does the Whitehead Institute rank as one of the best places to be a postdoc, they might also make you feel better about yourself by taking glamour shots and promoting you on … Continue reading

@gordonconf UPDATE: BRAIN researcher John Ngai to give Seminar keynote #HongKong

UC Berkeley Professor and BRAIN initiative researcher Dr. John Ngai will give the keynote at the 2016 Gordon Research Seminar on Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology – Disruptive New Technologies in Studying Neural Development, Plasticity, and Diseases. Ngai’s research is described … Continue reading

#SCIENCE is based on EVIDENCE, making it inherently not #FAITH-based @startswithabang

Ethan Siegel has written a must-read article defending the scientific process in the Forbes science section (No, Science is Not Faith-Based). Siegel takes on an inflammatory and misinformed claim from Matt Emerson that science is faith-based (Wall Street Journal). Emerson’s … Continue reading