Neuroscience students and postdocs! Applications open for 2016 Gordon Seminar on Neurobiology #HongKong

Are you a student or postdoc in Neuroscience? Applications are now open for the 2016 Gordon Research Seminar on Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology – Disruptive New Technologies in Studying Neural Development, Plasticity, and Diseases. This Seminar is associated with the … Continue reading

Problems and solutions in #science education and postdoc training @NatureNews

This week Nature has a number of editorials, commentaries, and news features examining graduate education and postdoctoral training. They are all extremely interesting and make TONS of good points! My favorite, in part because I am living it, is a … Continue reading

Had an amazing time at #worm15 conference – Now back to work!! #lifeofapostdoc

[tweet] I had an awesome week at UCLA for the GSA’s 2015 C. elegans International Meeting, hence so few posts recently. There was amazing science, including terrific talks and workshops (and my poster… obviously), AND the worm community knows how to have … Continue reading

What is the future of the postdoc?? Kendall Powell has the grim reality and some possible solutions! #science

Check out this amazing Nature piece by Kendall Powell – “The Future of the Postdoc.” Powell spells out the grim position of the current postdoc, but also discusses a number of options to help solve the postdoc crisis! These highly skilled … Continue reading

Gary McDowell – STEM postdoc researchers are highly trained… for what? @ConversationUK

STEM postdoc researchers are highly trained, but for what? By Gary McDowell, Tufts University The STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics supposedly suffer from a shortage of graduates. Conventional wisdom says there’s no one for employers to hire … Continue reading

Happy National Postdoc Appreciation Week! Friday = home baked cookies for my fellow postdocs!

That’s right, it’s Friday of National Postdoc Appreciation Week and I baked some delicious cookies for my fellow postdocs! Obviously the cookies are also for the entire lab, as proof to the undergrads, graduate students, technicians etc of how great … Continue reading