Activity of Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano continues, ice melting in volcano caldera @eruptionsblog

Check out today’s update on ERUPTIONS blog for pictures and detailed information from Erik Klemetti! Scientists from the Icelandic Meteorological Office and University of Iceland took a number of flights over the region  to observe these features that have come to two main … Continue reading

Iceland Bardarbunga volcano eruption under glacier prompts highest alert level #red

BBC reports that there has likely been a volcanic eruption under the country’s biggest glacier nearby the recently active Bardarbunga, which has moved the alert level to red, the highest level. It is possible that this eruption, and resulting ice melt … Continue reading

Update: Iceland volcano Bardarbunga still potentially close to eruption

Following evacuations of the immediate area around the Bardarbunga volcano earlier this week, today there are multiple reports out of Iceland of continued seismic activity, as well as preparations amongst emergency workers for a possible eruption. See the CauseScience post from earlier this week on increased … Continue reading

Iceland volcano Bardarbunga showing increased seismic activity, possible signs of eruption

Looks like another icelandic volcano might becoming more active in our near future. Here is the news article on that describes the recent increase in seismic activity. Hopefully if Bardarbunga does erupt, it won’t cause as many travel headaches as the previous … Continue reading

Dave McGarvie: All you need to know about Iceland’s volcanic eruption! @ConversationUK

All you need to know about Iceland’s volcanic eruption By Dave McGarvie, The Open University The Bárðarbunga (or Bardarbunga) volcano has erupted, evoking memories of the 2010 Icelandic ash cloud that caused chaos across European and North American air routes. … Continue reading