September 18th #Ebola outbreak update: 2630 deaths and the first Ebola case in Senegal


The CDC has updated the number of reported cases of Ebola for today, September 18th. There is also a breakdown of cases by country, including the first case in Senegal, which ‘is related to a man who traveled there from Guinea.’ For updates on development of treatments and vaccines, go to the CDC page hereSee previous CauseScience posts related to the ongoing West African outbreak of Ebola.

Total Cases

(Updated September 18, 2014)

  • Total Case Count: 5347
  • Total Deaths: 2630
  • Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 3095
Cases by Country
  • Total Case Count: 942
  • Total Deaths: 601
  • Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 750
  • Total Case Count: 2710
  • Total Deaths: 1459
  • Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 812
  • Total Case Count: 21
  • Total Case Deaths: 8
  • Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 19
  • Total Case Count: 1
  • Total Case Deaths: 0
  • Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 1
Sierra Leone
  • Total Case Count: 1673
  • Total Case Deaths: 562
  • Laboratory Confirmed Cases: 1513

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