Postdocs are stressed out and at risk for mental health problems #NationalPostdocAppreciationWeek


A ScienceCareers article from July that seems very appropriate to post to CauseScience on National Postdoc Appreciation Week.

Increasing attention is being paid to mental health problems among undergrads and, to a lesser extent, graduate students, but the prevalence of mental health issues among postdocs remains almost entirely undocumented. There is little doubt, though, that being a postdoc is stressful. Most postdocs work extremely hard, often for long hours and at low pay. Faced with the pressures of work, they may not take time for healthy diversions and exercise, which could help mitigate stress and reduce its health effects. Because of their commitment to work, they often are isolated from close friends and family.  … many postdocs find themselves far away from home, profoundly stressed and lonely, with no clue where to go for help.

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